Facial Oils

All our face oils are formulated with ingredients that lend a helping hand in conditioning, healing and smoothing your skin. We don’t add fillers and only use what will make for happy, glowing skin. Just to take things up a notch, the essential oils we use in the Balancing and Nourishing blends do the same thing for your psyche as they do for your skin. We want you (your emotional state) to feel as amazing as your outside (skin). That’s why we get the very most out of essential oils and aromatherapy, using it for both mental and physical properties. Because we like to keep things simple and love products that multitask, these face oils are not limited to use on your pretty face. Try adding a few drops to your bath water or favorite body lotion for a spa-like experience. Use on split ends and dry, frizzy hair. Condition your cuticles, nails and any other dry or rough patches you might have. Be creative! Enjoy!