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Woodsy, clean and earthy White Sage, Palo Santo, Pine and Frankincense essential oils are combined to create this incredibly purifying aroma. Infused with amethyst crystals and sea salt, this new and innovative take on traditional smoke smudging rituals will cleanse unwanted energy from any space, raise your vibrational level and leave you feeling centered and protected. 

Purification Atmosphere Mist was inspired by the use of Palo Santo (holy wood) by the Incas and White Sage used by the Native Americans. These leaves and wood were traditionally burned by Shamans for healing, protection, purification and to release negative energy- also known as “smudging”. We’ve added Pine, Frankincense and Sea Salt to the mix, which also aid in purification and cleansing, as well as alleviate stress and anxitey. Each bottle contains real amethyst crystals to bring you peace, calm and clarity, awaken your intuitions and raise your vibration.

*Use anywhere- as needed!


1.) Open all windows and doors.

2.) Close your eyes and set a positive intention.

3.) Spritz PURIFICATION around the room, window and door frames.

4.) Breathe deeply and take a moment of gratitude.

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