Are your products organic?

We source the highest quality oils we can find and although most of them are organic, we don't feel honest claiming that something is organic unless we can ensure that every single ingredient is.  Is it really organic if even just one non-organic ingredient gets mixed in with it?  We don't think so.  However, we can say that our formulas are made with 80-100% organic ingredients.  We always buy organic when it's available!


Do you use medical or therapeutic grade essential oils?

Neither one of those things actually exist.  Both words are just clever marketing. Many companies claim such things and charge unethical prices for their oils.  At twig + birdie we have no desire to pull one over on our customers or use false marketing terms. That's just not our thing.  We will tell you this- when buying essential oils look for ones that are 100% pure. Make sure what you're buying is from plants (not synthetic fragrances) and buy organic when you can. If you want to fall for marketing and buy "therapeutic grade”, just know that your oils will not be more effective and you'll be paying a lot more for them, unnecessarily.


How long can I expect your products to last?

Our products are all natural and unfortunately don't have as long of a shelf life as many mass produced and chemical filled products.  We do add vitamin E and rosemary extract to our formulas to help prolong freshness and stability, but please try and finish your products within 9-12 months of opening to experience the ingredients and aromas at their finest and to achieve the most effective results.  Also, the more consistent you are with applying your oils daily, the greater your results will be.  Most of our customers replenish their oils every 6-8 weeks with twice daily use.


Do you test on animals?

Absolutely NOT!  We wouldn’t dream of trying out any of our products on innocent animals.  That’s what friends and family are for!  Also, as of right now our products are 100% vegan…but that doesn’t mean that in the future we won’t try to make some amazing goodies using honey, Honey.


Why don’t you have boxes for your products?

What’s the point?  I mean, we love cute and fancy packaging as much as the next person- but the energy and resources it takes to make product boxes just to have them tossed into the garbage immediately after opening is NOT worth it to us.  We really want to keep things simple and the less we put into packaging, the more we can put into our actual products. That is a WIN-WIN for you, us and this beautiful thing we call earth. In addition to that thought, why pay more for a product when you’re just going to toss part of it???  We’d rather you just pay for our formulas and the cute reusable glass bottles they come it.


All of our products are created

100% pure plant based ingredients
Organic (whenever possible) virgin cold pressed oils
Steam distilled or CO2 extracted essential oils
Love, Joy and Great Intentions
Made in the USA

Synthetic fragrance (our formulas only contain pure plant aromas)