Reviews + Testimonials

"I’ve used so many face products over the years and honestly I don’t know if any of them worked or not.  However, after just one night using your Nourishing oil my face felt so moisturized. The dry skin around my nose is less flaky and the amazing scent is just an added bonus."
Michelle- Santa Cruz, CA

"I’m obsessed with the Balancing Oil.  My skin is finally clear and it feels so smooth!"
Alex- Phoenix, AZ

"As someone with sensitive and dry skin I rarely try new products and have used the same ones for over 10 years. After 3 days of t+b Nourishing oil my skin was more hydrated and smoother than ever and more importantly with no break outs! I'm on my third month now and have switched all my products for first time in ages.
I have also tried most eye serums and creams on the market and only found one that was effective for fine lines and hydration. I did not expect to try a new one and am so thankful that my friend offered me t+b as a gift. It is an amazing Eye serum in a roller ball that feels smooth and silky. I use it nightly instead of my prior favorite product that used to cost me a fortune. Could not be happier!"
Amie- Marseille, France

"I was introduced to Twig + Birdie products in March of 2016. I started using the Peppermint and Basil headache remedy in search of a natural solution to my tension headaches.
My reaction to this product was immediate. It cleared my sinuses and gave me instant relief. I now use it daily. I also find it's helped with alertness. I also enjoy using it before working out. My friends and family that I have introduced to it all agree, it's must have!"
Rose- Naperville, IL

"Twig & Birdie Beard oil is hands down one of my favorite grooming products in my cabinet. After comparing it to others on the market, It's masculine aroma and ability to tame the wildest of beards is a true testament to its quality!"
Matt- Phoenix, AZ

"I've used many products over the years. When my friend introduced me to the Nourishing Oil by twig + birdie I was skeptical... I figured it was just another product that would sit on my vanity with little use. After using it for 3 days straight I noticed several things that I loved, but the one thing I couldn't get over was how much it helped with hydration. I was using 3 different moisturizers, upwards of $200.00 a month in product. I now only use the Nourishing Oil and a daytime SPF.
I'm sold!!!"
Sylvia- Chicago, IL

"The Nourishing facial oil works perfectly to help smooth fine lines and moisturizer the skin. It's also a great base for makeup. I'm addicted to it! I use it night & day."
Vanessa- Chicago, IL

"I absolutely love the Botanical Eye Serum! This has made a huge difference in how I look first thing in the morning. My dark circles are not nearly as noticeable and the area around my eyes look calm and refreshed! No more morning puffiness! Buy it now, you won't regret it."
Alison- Naperville, IL
Sunday Blues has become my daily pick me up!! I love the scent and it instantly lifts my spirits. I roll it on my neck and temples and it feels so good!  Additionally, if you have a spot... Laura has helped my skin become better then it has ever been! She knows her oils and what a difference they can make!
Erinn- Carmel, IN

"My skin looks great after a week of using the Nourishing Oil.  I’m surprised at how much I like it because I never thought to use an oil before."
Abby- Westfield, IN

"I have LOVED every single thing I have tried from twig + birdie.  I will admit I was a bit skeptical about putting oil on my face, as I have oily skin that is prone to breakouts. The Balancing Oil has been the only product in 16 years that has cleared my skin.  I now have healthy, smooth and glowing skin.  This is the best my face has looked. Ever.  All from a simple face oil that has been thoughtfully composed and executed. 
I love that the ingredients are natural and pure.  The roller balls and beard oils make excellent gifts.  I have given both and have converted even the harshest critics into loving these products.  I will be a customer for life."
LeAnn- Portland, OR

"This oil is great!  I went into my daughters room after putting it on to tuck her in and she said my skin looked pretty and smelled so good. I love what it’s doing for my skin!"
Lori- Carmel, IN

"I used the Botanical Eye Serum and saw an immediate change. I have moderate wrinkles and mild skin inflammation under my eyes. Every cream product I tried always felt heavy and caused break-outs to the delicate skin. The Serum is light and silky and instantly hydrates the eye area. My wrinkles are less apparent and my eye area looks much brighter. The Botanical is a must have eye product!"
Emily- Zionsville, IN

"When I heard about Twig & Birdie's Balancing face oil I was skeptical.  How could applying oil to my face make my oily skin less oily?  I received a free sample, so I had nothing to lose.  WHERE HAS THIS STUFF BEEN ALL MY LIFE?  I've been using Twig & Birdie's Balancing oil for about 6 months, and I haven't had a single pimple. Not one!!!  (And I live in Atlanta, where it's always hot and humid!)  The oil is all natural, organic, it smells so good, and it's really great for my skin. I wash my face with regular bar soap and then apply the balancing oil.  THAT'S IT!  My skin is softer than ever, and clearer than ever.  Most days, I don't even need to wear face makeup because my skin is so clear!  Not to mention, I'm saving money and time by skipping the skin care aisle at the store.  Twig & Birdie's Balancing face oil is the only skin care product I need.  Thank you, Laura!"
Amanda - Atlanta, GA

"I’ve been using your face oil and…I’M IN LOVE!!!  The smell is fantastic (coming from a typical no-scent girl) and I swear it helps me relax before bed.  I haven’t had a single flake of dry skin.  I love that it’s a multi-purpose product with so many healing benefits.  Such a great product!!!"  
Sarah- Carmel, IN

"As someone who has battled acne my entire life, I would have never considered putting oil on my face!  I was very skeptical and nervous to try Twig and Birdie’s face oils, but I am now a convert!  I love my Balancing Oil.  I did not have a single breakout after using the product and, in fact, noticed a huge difference in my skin.  Even my husband noticed a difference!  My face felt softer and my complexion looked more even just after a couple of days of use.  I use the oil morning and night after a gentle cleanser and that is it!  I love the fact that it has simplified my routine and eliminated the need for other expensive products.  I also appreciate that it contains simple, natural ingredients and not dangerous chemicals and toxins.  It has a gentle scent that leaves me feeling like I am at the spa.  Love this product!
I have also become a huge fan of the Headache Remedy Roller Ball.  As soon as I feel a headache coming on, I roll it on my temples and notice immediate relief.  It is amazing! I am so excited to be supporting this company from it’s ground roots and I am so excited to see what is in store for Twig and Birdie and these great products!"
Molly- Carmel, IN

"My oil arrived in the mail today and to say I was excited is an understatement!  I honestly cannot go back to putting a lotion on my face - this oil makes me feel like I am sitting in a spa every single morning and evening when I use it!  I also love to put a drop or two in my body lotion - the glow lasts all day!  Thanks Laura and Twig + Birdie for changing my face and giving me a product that I would recommend to anyone!"
Amber - South Dakota